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Christian Puglisi

(Per-Anders Jorgensen)

Year: 2006

After his stage at elBulli, Christian Puglisi returned home to Denmark to work at Noma, becoming sous-chef there and overseeing its stagiaires. In August 2010, he opened the well-received Relæ in the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen. “We knew from the beginning that we wanted to find a place with low enough rent that we would only have to be open four nights a week,” Puglisi says. “This life is too hard already to have to work more than that.”

What part of mise-en-place did you like the most?

I liked anything where I got to use a knife. For a while, I was prepping oysters in the small kitchen. It was two hours every day opening oysters, but I got really good at it. It made you better at something you know you’re going to use in the future.

And least?

Removing the seeds from zucchini for the risotto dish. There’s no future use for that. Read the rest of this entry »