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Nuno Mendes

(Ali Kurshat Altinsoy)

By Ali Kurshat Altinsoy

Year: 2003

Originally from Lisbon, Nuno Mendes worked at Coyote Café in the US before starting his stage at elBulli. After, he traveled extensively through Asia before landing in London, where he went on to become chef at the avant-garde Bacchus, and later founded the Loft Project, a sort of supper club in which up-and-coming chefs from around the world are invited to take up residence and showcase their cooking to a small group of appreciative diners. In April he launched Viajante, which may well be the best restaurant to open in 2010. Here, in a special guest appearance, he is interviewed by the most knowledgeable man in food, Ali Kurshat Altinsoy.

As a stagiaire, what tasks did you like best?

What I liked the most was just to be in kitchen and see how things were done. That and the rabbit brains. I thought they were quite cool.

And the least?

Oysters. Shucking oysters all day. Everybody’s doing oysters all the time. It’s a bit boring. Read the rest of this entry »