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Jeremiah Bullfrog

Year: 2001

The man who goes by Jeremiah Bullfrog first learned of elBulli in 1999, before the restaurant had much of an international reputation. Still, he was intrigued by what he heard, and in 2001, left a position as executive chef at Light, a popular lounge in New York, to do a stage. While there, he ran into what he calls “some bumps in the road,” and only ended up staying three months. These days, he runs GastroPod in Miami, an Airstream trailer-turned-food truck that serves gourmet street food, and is a popular fixture at local music festivals and art exhibitions.

Any tasks you particularly disliked during your stage?

I was in the cubby, or Small Kitchen, for what seemed like an eternity. And every day we had to clean chicken feet. We even had a song for it—“Patitas” and this silly little dance.

And ones you liked?

I was really good at the sepia [cuttlefish]. They would set me up there in back with three bins, and I’d divide it into liver, ink sack, and meat. We would brunoise the meat to make this risotto without rice. Read the rest of this entry »