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Vanessa Trefois

Year: 2003

When Brazilian Vanessa Trefois did her first stage (she returned for two weeks in 2004) at elBulli, she worked in the main kitchen. For years after—through subsequent stages at Mugaritz in San Sebastian, Celler de Can Roca in Girona, and Ryugin in Tokyo, her emphasis was always on savory. But a stint at Pierre Hermes in Paris convinced her to change her ways. Now, in addition to consulting for Saõ Paulo’s new Restaurante Terrasse, she has her own chocolate shop, Amai.

What was your least favorite task at elBulli?

The rabbit heads. You had these whole heads, and you had to cut them open and scoop out the brains in one piece. It wasn’t very nice.

How did you get along with the other stagiaires?

I had really good friends, but it was also hard some times. You’re with them all the time, sixteen hours at work and then you all live together too in this cramped apartment that nobody gets around to cleaning. It’s very stressful. Read the rest of this entry »