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Albert Raurich

Year: 1997

Like nearly all of the restaurant’s permanent staff, Albert Raurich began his tenure as a stagiaire. But he went further than most, becoming chef de cuisine in 2000, and staying on another seven years after that. In 2007, with Ferran’s blessing and support, he left to open Dos Palillos, a tapas bar in Barcelona highly acclaimed for its Asian tapas. He and his partner Tamae Imachi have just opened a second Dos Palillos in Berlin.

How did you come to work at elBulli in the first place?

I have a Harley Davidson. So does Christian Escribà [a famed Barcelona pastry chef] and we would go out riding together. I went to culinary school with Sergi Arola, and one day Sergi told me he was going to spend the year working at elBulli. He said he thought there was still a spot open. I knew that Christian was friends with Ferran, so I asked him to inquire on my behalf. He did, and Ferran told me to come on up.

So I went up, and Ferran showed me around. He said the most important thing is that you like us and the kind of cooking we do. I laughed, because I thought it was the reverse: that they like me. But I got the job.

What was it like?

When you start, all the jobs are really mechanical. But I had already worked as chef de cuisine in another restaurant, so they gave me a bit more responsibility. I helped out the girl who was in charge of making family meal. And that was an important job, because, as Ferran always says, how can a restaurant feed its clients well if it doesn’t feed its staff well? Read the rest of this entry »