"Lisa Abend"

About The Author

Lisa Abend is a journalist based in Copenhagen. For several years, she was Time magazine’s correspondent in Spain, where she wrote about everything from international terrorism, to climate change, to immigration, to costumed debt collectors (with, needless to say, a fair number of bullfighting stories thrown in for good measure). Now she covers the Nordic region, writing about Swedish gender neutrality and Danish giraffes. As a freelance writer, she has written on learning the Basque language for The Atlantic; on volunteer bit torrent translators for Wired; on the plight of Roma women for Ms., on prime minister Zapatero’s republican upbringing for The American Prospect; on the recovery of the Iberian lynx for National Wildlife; on the situation in Western Sahara for The Economist; and on Danish media scandals for the Columbia Journalism Review. She contributes to several major American food magazines, and has written features on a Marrakech cooking school (Bon Appetit); on culinary travels through Extremadura (Gourmet); on a collective of grandmothers in Catalonia who preserve traditional cuisine (Saveur) and on learning to love pig face (Food and Wine). Her food writing has also appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Slate, and the Christian Science Monitor, and she hosted an episode on Andalusia in the third season of PBS’ Diary of a Foodie. As a contributing writer for the travel magazine AFAR, she has also written about seeking an astrological reading in Tamil Nadu, getting lost in the Scottish Highlands, and searching for a boy in Vietnam whose life her father once saved.

In a previous life she was a professor of Spanish history at Oberlin College. The Sorcerer’s Apprentices is her first book.